Indrasen Pilankar aka Varun
I'm Indrasen Pilankar aka Varun.
I'm Computer Science Instructor, Author and Entrepreneur/Co-Founder of eHom - Data Storage Solution providing startup which I & my buddy (Vishal Fernandes) found when we were in college. On my way until here which I was able to achieve due to our diehard passion for technology driven by open source community. By the people, for the people - I also felt like giving back to the community and the fresh minds who are about to jump into the digital world. Teaching and Sales meeting always help me improve myself and to keep looking out for new ways - tools, utilities, gears, accessories, methodologies, etc. which I personally use on day to day basis. 
il0g is the answer to my network who keep asking me how to be like me? What do you do? Which laptop am I using? Where did you get your bag from? 
All of these questions that I have come across until now & future comings as well, are going to be answered by my blog post, so be in touch. 
P.S. You can buy what I use from my shop - as I'm very particular about my stuff and most of them are pretty rare to grab as majority of them are custom or configure to order, I'm listing them in my shop and making it a click away to pick them up anytime you like. 
Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.
― Dalai Lama XIV
Do visit the Shop you will find stuff that I personally use on daily basis and have managed to share it with you if you want to grab any of them.